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Thank you for visiting my website. Here, I post my thoughts on data science and HCI; summaries of papers I've read and talks I've watched; and reflections on other things that I read.

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How do moderators of online communities see their roles? As a firefighter, as police, as a gardener, as a mediator? This paper explores the metaphors that volunteer moderators use to make sense of their roles.

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Data work is foundational to any AI application, but often undervalued. In practice, this results in “data cascades,” which occur when data issues compound into downstream technical debt. This work studies how data cascades happen, what they cause, and how to avoid them.

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Datasets, which are a central part of all machine learning, are often alarmingly undocumented. How can we do this better, prioritizing transparency and accountability? The authors propose datasheets that describe the characteristics, collection practices, and recommended uses of datasets.